Stevenage Glass

A tailored experience

Redesign of website and UX enhancements to product quotation forms, with the objective of increasing conversions.

The Brief

Improving conversions

Stevenage Glass provides a bespoke glass cutting service for commercial and domestic customers. The business objective was to improve the number of glass enquiries via the website and to make the quotation form available easily

On the current site, you are only able to make enquiries from the contact page section. with minimal visibility of the quotation option. This yielded a low conversion rate.

My role

UX and web design consultant, working within small teams of account managers, internet marketers and graphic designers.

The Challenge

Better quotes

The high-level goals were to:

The Process

Asking the right details

Information Architecture

As part of the redesign, a new site architecture was presented with a simple hierarchy to help users identify and navigate the site quickly and easily.


I discussed wireframes, low fidelity mockups to stakeholders and then produced high fidelity mockups before creating prototypes for usability testing.


I created prototypes using Invision to gain feedback from my team on the visual design and to present to the client for approval.


I built the site using Wordpress as the framework and then built a bespoke theme so that the client could maintain and update products easily

/ Wireframes

The Results

Significant increase in form submissions within the first month of launch

Form conversions doubled within the first month of the launch and made healthy improvements month on month. The user experience was much nicer with fewer clicks to make an enquiry, the forms adjusted nicely to the product in question, tailored for a better user experience.

The redesign of the site with a mobile-first approach helped improve speed and the new look and feel on mobile devices was deemed much better.

Iterative updates

With new products being added, the development team built a plugin that would allow for bespoke forms to be created with field entries that are specific to the product in contrast to a generic form. This made the user experience unique and tailored to the user's goal and helped provide the right information to our client who would then have all the information to provide a much more accurate quote.

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